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Vegetarian and Local Pork Features~

Happy Labor Day!

Here are the weeks specials Featuring Vegetarian and Local Pork

Something for Both sides of the Farm Fence


Parlor Retail Sale Starts Today

(make retail order seperate from food order please)

then you can use


This will take 15% off the Front Parlor Retail Purchase

Sales Starts today thru Sept 19th

Items will be ADDED daily to the store through out the sale

Dinner for 2

Option 1

Mixed Dried Fruit Curry

*(Vegetarian Red Lentil or Slow Roasted Local Pork) w/steamed rice

pork curry

$17.00$20.00 Select options

Dinner for 2

Option 2

SOLD OUT….Roasted Local Pork Belly Tacos

(makes 4)

sides: szechuan green beans &

Mirin Seasoned Rice

pork belly tacos

Soup of the Week

Cheddar and Broccoli Soup-1 QT

broc n cheddar

$9.00 Read more

Sweet of the Week


(mixed berry is the choice of the week)

blueberry clafoutis

$15.00 Select options

We look forward to serving you and yours!

Don’t forget to check daily for product updates too!

Don’t forget to put an ICE pack in your coolers on the front porch.

If you can help a bit, thank you!