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Dawn of a New Day

We are Open!

This Tuesday we start the new chapter in the Blonde Butcher Baker!  We will be sending an email mon,tues,wed,thur of next day store offerings.  It will include what to expect for baked goods, the soup of the day and dinner pick up of the day.  Once you get the email, let us know by 12pm the following day if you wish to have a meal/bread/soup reserved.  Pick up will be between 4:30 and 7pm closing.  This way, you know it will be waiting, with your name on it!  Look for our first email Monday evening!

Step One

Open Email

Step Two

Decide if the offerings are what you wish

Step Three

Send an email reply requesting “said” items to be reserved and pay when you pick up or just order/pay online.

Step Four

Pick up between 4:30 ane 7pm Closing, take home, heat up and enjoy!

Just want to grab some fresh bread, great, pop in!

Want to do a little shopping in our front parlor, come on in!


Tues, Wed, Thurs

7am-12pm then 3pm-7pm





We look forward to taking care of you!